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Southern Star Tours offers ‘medium level’ trips including  nature and wildlife visits , boat trip, aquatic birds, hiking, meet local people and enjoy traditions, horse riding and many more activities!

Trip overview

  • Arbaminch
  • Dorze
  • Nech sar National park
  • Genta mountain village
  • Lake Chamo 

Trip programme

In the morning we drive to the mountainous Dorze village. We visit the colourful market and taste traditional honey wine (Tej) with the local people. In the afternoon we walk through the villages and visit the inside of a beehive shaped Dorze bamboo hut and we witness the preparation of local bread from the false banana tree and taste it. After visiting the every day life we walk back to the lodge and take a moment to enjoy the breathtaking view of the lakes and the countryside from a hammock.

After breakfast we hike for 3-4 hours through the Dorze countryside enjoying the fresh air. We visit the waterfall and take a swim in the natural pond.  On the way back to our lodge, we stop at the local pottery and weaving village. In the evening we enjoy a campfire with the Dorze community, with a lot of singing and dancing. A great opportunity to check your dancing skills!

 optional: discover the Dorze landscape on horse back.

In the morning we drive to Arbaminch , the capital of the Gamo-Gofa Province located by Lake Chamo, Lake Abaya and the Nech Sar National Park. After breakfast we drive to the park for a walk through a wonderful  bit of tropical rain forest where we spot local wildlife and a variety of forest birds. We visit ‘the forty springs’, where the city gets its name from. It is  possible to swim in a natural pond. Arbaminch is home to two Rift valley lakes separated by hills covered by forest. This spot is known as the ‘bridge of God’. In the afternoon we take a boat at lake Chamo to see the big Blue Nile crocodiles, Hippopotami, flamingos and pelicans, as well as other aquatic birds. In the evening we can enjoy a beautiful sunset from the rift valley mountain chain. We stay overnight in Arbaminch.

Arbaminch city has grown mostly due to the establishment of its University, hosting now 15.000 students. The city is set amidst of some of the most spectacular scenery in Ethiopia, looking over lakes and forests. Early in the morning we drive to the national park across the ‘bridge of God’ to experience 520 square kilometer of African savanna. Those grasslands host endemic zebra’s, gazelles, greater kudus, Swaynes heartbeast and a variety of savanna bird species. You may enjoy amazingly beautiful views of both lakes. We drive back to the hotel for lunch. In the afternoon we drive to Genta village on the mountain to discover the Genta landscapes and farming land and meet local people. We walk through the village and we witness the traditional way of life, which is completely different from the one of the city.

From Arbaminch we drive to the Konso village which is classified as UNESCO World heritage. Konso district is famous for its unique terracing and farm lands. We visit the market and the village of Mecheke with its traditional community structure and houses  and we discover the typical ‘Waka’s‘, wooden sculptures created to pay tribute to the heroes and warriors; the Waka’s are used as funerary statues. We drive to a village called Gesergyo , also kown as New York, where erosion has left an area of amazing natural pillars.

The itinerary can be adapted at all times, also during the tour. We listen to your wishes and particular interests.


  • Hotel: Southern Stars Tour will arrange your hotel , based on your requirements and budget. Recommended hotels range from 15$ up to 100$ per night for two persons.
  • Meals : customers pay their own meals.
  • Car and guide : 190$ per day for  1 – 4 persons, including the fuel.
  • Hire of a boat at lake Chamo: 60$ for 1 – 5 people.

If you have a question, don’t hesitate to ask for information:
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