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Ethiopia, many worlds in one!

…the best kept secret of Africa…

Travelling through Ethiopia, it feels like jumping from one world in another. This has not only to do with the amazing diversity of landscapes in the land-locked country, but also with 2 religions that play a role: the orthodox Christianism (mostly) and Islam. A visit to Ethiopia offers you a discovering of the most exotic animals and plants and a melting pot of unique ethnic diversity and customs. Our travelling through Ethiopia, is a guarantee for authenticity and beautiful untouched nature.

Ethiopia is racing toward a bright modern future. It’s one of the worlds fasted-growing economies with its capital Addis Ababa, expanding at breakneck pace. The ruling party actually put the continent’s youngest leader in power.

Tourism is relatively new with much potential to expand. We are proud of the countries rich natural and cultural diversity and we strive to be part of the positive and sustainable growth of respectful tourism.

Exploring unique Ethiopia by making trips with Southern Stars Tour, you choose for enjoying a fascinating mix of traditional culture and a variety of stunning landscapes.

We believe in responsible tourism! We aim to contribute to the sustainable development of Ethiopia. Our goal is to enhance the wellbeing of the local communities while respecting the environment.

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