Luggage:  (all well labeled)


  • 1 luggage /person (preferable no hard suitcase)
  • a small backpack
  • a big plastic , can be useful to protect for dust or rain


For loss, theft, damage of luggage, we are not responsible. We do all best effort to avoid such problems or to resolve but any cost related to this is at charge of the client.



  • Be always friendly , polite, courteous
  • Don’t take pictures where it might be not allowed (the guide informs about this)
  • Never take a picture of people without their agreement
  • There is not everywhere electricity, so be prepared
  • Prepare to protect your material from dust



  • During rainy season (mostly March -May) Omo valley is not accessible.
  • Rain season in Addis and Bale mountains is in July and August. Travelling and hiking is possible, the program can be adjusted along with the weather conditions.
  • The whole year the weather is sunny and warm, between 22 and 30°.
  • Evenings are cool. In Bale Mountains and Dorze the nights can be cool or even freezing (Bale).

Physical condition  

No special condition needed, just be healthy.

Options can be made for longer or smaller light walks.


Clothes, personal treat

  • Light and practical travel clothes
  • Easy shoes (sandals AND closed shoes).
  • Good hiking shoes
  • A warm pullover for the evenings. For trekking (Bale) very warm clothes are needed; the mountain cabannas to sleep have no any warming. Protecting mountain sun cream is recommendable.
  • Rain cloths is needed.
  • Sun glasses and a hat are needed
  • Swimming stuff
  • For sleeping outside or camping a sleeping bag is needed.
  • If you wish to sleep in the huts of the local people or in tent, take a thin mat with you
  • A knife, some rope to tie , safety pins… can always be useful (not in your hand luggage)
  • Some towels and shower gel, as in most African hotels this is not available.
  • An electric shaver is possible but on some place you may not be able to use as there is no electricity.
  • Hydrating towels can be very useful
  • Des-infection stuff (for hands)
  • Take some toilet paper with you always
  • Hydrating cream and lipstick are needed, as the climate is very dry



  • Avoid to eat fresh salad unless we advise on the kitchen quality. Sometimes we will have our own cooker /cooking (Bale Mountains, Erta Ale trekking…).°
  •  Don’t drink water from the crane, use only bottled water. We take care of a stock.
  • Use also bottled water for tooth brushing.




As it is not easy to find the needed medication it is recommended to bring medicaments preventive ones and curative ones.

  • Vaccination against yellow fever is obligatory (prove can be controlled).
  • Malaria prevention (not needed in the North because of the high altitude , otherwise 1. Larium or 2. Paludrine en Nivaquine, or 3.  Malarone).
  • When taking Lariam treatment it is highly recommended do try out before travelling (6 weeks) as it can give most unpleasant side effects that we don’t wish you to suffer from during travelling..
  • Malarone is working very efficiently but is more expensive.
  • a anti-mosquito spray ( Mosquito plus, Careplus) is absolutely needed and it is recommended to take an impregnated mosquito net when choosing for low end of camping overnights. A spray against insects can also be useful for in the sleeping rooms.
  • A des-infecting liquid (e.g. Isobetadine, Unidose, …) and some plasters are useful in case of hurting.
  • OtHer medicaments like pain killers, anti-diarrhoea (Immodium, Ercefuryl), medicaments against stomach disorder or intestine pains (e.g Motillium en Buscopan) . A antibiotic (preferable broad spectrum antibiotic e.g. Tarivid) can be useful.
  • If you take a specific medicament, don’t forget to bring it with you.



 220V, when electricity available. Always have a small torch with you.



  • The local currency is the Ethiopian Birr (ETB). (1 euro = +_ 20 Birr)
  • Bring cash USD of Euro’s with you
  • Bills of 50 or 100 Euro or US Dollar are best (coins or high paper bills are sometimes not accepted).
  • The bank counts commission varying from 1 up to 3.5%.
  • In bigger cities Addis, Bahir Dar, Hawassa, Arbaminch … you can pin at Bank-automats with Visa Cards (not always working).
  • Keep your money on you (as invisible as possible).


  • Tips are expected mostly by local guides and driver (last dag).
  • When in group most tips for the local people will be managed by the guide
  • It’s pleasant to have some small stuff for local people and kids that we meet. They like ‘bonbons’ (no chocolate as it melt by high temperatures), pens, soap creams , a lighter, old but still good clothes, play things …)


Bring a copy of your passport (can be given to the guide); this is kept on a safe place during travel.



You have to organize your travel insurance yourself, it is obligatory.

Have always with you the names of contact persons of your family.