Wondé Bibi

Wondemu Aschalew

is born South of Arbaminch in a small mountainous town called Gedol and grew up in the beautiful city called Arbaminch in Ethiopia. Wondemu did his primary and high school study in Arbaminch and moved to Addis Ababa for College. He has a passion for Art and Culture and for meeting people. He studied in one of the best Art photography and video graphics Colleges. After finishing his study he came back to Arbaminch and opened a photo studio. Working for more than 8 years in this profession has given him the chance to work with different professional journalists and photographers by travelling in different parts of the country. After many diversified experience he continuously enjoys to discover more the culture and the nature. He further studied Tour Operation and Guiding at a prestigious tourism management training institutes in Ethiopia.

He started working as a local guide in Arbaminch. He is one of the founders of the Tour Guide Association. Since he joined the tourism sector he had the chance to discover the country with different types of clients from different country. He speaks 4 different local languages as well as English and German. He gained great foreign life experiences by travelling to some other countries for experience sharing and also as a tourist to increase his knowledge and experience.

Wondemu is the founder of ‘Southern Stars Tour’ (SST). Travelling with groups into different parts of the country he is used to ensure his clients’ maximum comfort and enjoyment by sharing and using his rich professional experiences. Wondemu is well known at all tourist destinations in Ethiopia as a very sociable person.

Brigitte Decadt 

is Belgian and the co-owner of Zebra Guesthouse and co- founder of SST . Brigitte, or ‘Bibi’,  discovered Ethiopia some 5 year ago, while volunteering in the attractive green city of Hawassa. ‘Bibi’ fell in love with unique Ethiopia and keeps being engaged with, and passionate about Ethiopia.


Wondé and Brigitte have explored the country from North to South and from West to East. They now offer personalised as well as ‘active’ trips all over the country, looking in particular for authenticity and visiting hot spots as well as exploring remote areas, not visited by the many regular tour operators. They strive to build a strong  attractive tandem, the Zebra guesthouse and SST complementing each other.

Together they run Zebra Guesthouse in Hawassa, under the motto ‘open to the world’.

The location of Zebra Guesthouse is both breathtaking and practical:
Located just near Lake ‘Fikker Haik’ and near to all commodities such as banks for pinning, markets, shops, police office, etc.

In the rooms and in the garden, Zebra Guesthouse brings together people from all over the world, all with their own stories and backgrounds: backpackers, business people, volunteers, visiting students and academics, artists, travelling families…

For more info. Mail us zebraguesthouse.tours@gmail.com

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